by Agron Haxhimali, Albanian Association of Municipalities Director

It is our understanding that “EU for Municipalities” project has been conceived to have the right objective and resources, to assist municipalities to overcome their daily challenges related to dynamic developments of local governance, especially in the last years.

The objective of the project to support the developing potentials of municipalities and improve the environmental and socio-economic conditions in the local communities in Albania, represent a direct and effective response towards needs of our municipalities to develop local infrastructure and enable provision of public services of a higher quality as well as a sustainable local economic development. The Association of Albania Municipality encourages municipalities to be active throughout project implementation, by making best use of opportunities

provided not only through two calls for proposal, but also during capacity building activities designed for municipal employees on application for funding and project implementation.

Yet, we hope that the project proposals prepared by municipalities, reflect the real needs of municipality communities and are also part of strategic documents as well as approved priorities such as Action Plans and Local Development Strategies. Special thanks to EU Delegation and European taxpayers for enabling this financing opportunity to Albanian Municipalities through a grant scheme dedicated to investments to the benefit of local communities. We encourage all municipalities to apply and benefit from such opportunity.

We believe that the partnership, which is managing this project, led by NALAS, Network of Associations of Local Authorities for South-East Europe, is composed of the right actors who do know the reality and needs of local government and have the capacities to address such needs.

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