EU4Municipalities: investments, services and capacity building for local government

Editorial by Marie Augouy, Program Manager for Regional and Local Government, Delegation of the European Union in Albania

“Bringing municipalities closer to the European perspective, with the support of the EU4Municipalities”

By Adelina Farriçi, Executive Director of the Association for Local Autonomy

Three Investments Intended for the Youth of Puka

Three investments intended for the youth were recently inaugurated in the Municipality of Puka with funding from the European Union through the #EU4Municipalities grant scheme.

A Modernized Palace of Culture in the Municipality of Mat

The “Shefqet Doda” Palace of Culture now it is revitalized thanks to the investment of the European Union, through the “EU for Municipalities” grant scheme

More and Better Services for the Community of Shkodra from a Refurbished Multifunctional Center

The Municipality of Shkodra inaugurated the reconstruction and refurbishment of the premises of the Xixëllonjat Multifunctional Center, an investment of the European Union through the EU4Municipalities Grant Scheme.

Inaugural of the Youth Center in Përmet

Over 320 young people are the beneficiaries of the services to be delivered…

Unlocking the Future: First Forum of Local Self-Governments on the Green Agenda

EU for Municipalities program, one of the most successful programs in Albania [EU Ambassador Soreca]

Local Government Forum “Municipalities and EU integration process: Exchanging good practices in South-east Europe”

The role of local government remains closely related to the integration process, especially at this moment when the process of analytical assessment of the legislation…

Youths Shared An Inspiring Experience at the 2023 Summer School

Improving services for youth, such as rebuilding the Multifunctional Youth Center, can broaden opportunities.

The Lushnja Multifunctional Youth Center Opens Its Doors to the Public

An impressive welcome was given by the youth of Lushnja Municipality, who have access to a new Multifunctional Youth Center for cultural and creative activities.

Writing a successful project proposal

Writing a successful project proposal: trainings in Kruja, Vlora and Shëngjin.

European Union for Municipalities

Better infrastructure. Better public services. Better lives!


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Tirana, Albania

What is EU4M?

EU4Municipalities is a new project financed by the European Union. Its purpose is to support the development potential of municipalities and improve the socio-economic and environmental conditions of local communities in Albania. The project aims to address the main problems that affect the quality of life and economic prospects of the community by aligning them with European standards.


Good Practices from EU-Funded Projects

The "Good Practices" catalog aims to showcase examples of successful EU-funded projects across...

A Manual on the Financial Management of Projects Funded by the EU

The “Manual on the Financial Management of Projects Funded by the EU” aims to highlight the...

EU4Municipalities’ Experience in Managing EU Funds in Local Budgets

The study “Management of European Union Funds in the Local Budget” aims to structurally analyze...

EU for Municipalities – A Success Story

The "EU4Municipalities - A Success Story" catalogue, produced by the "EU for Municipalities" grant...

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