What is EU4M?

EU for Municipalities (EU4M) is a new project funded by the European Union. It aims at fostering municipalities’ development potential and improving the socio-economic and environmental conditions of local communities in Albania. The “EU for Municipalities” project will support the development of local infrastructure by providing better public services and sustainable local economic development. The project will have a direct impact on improving the quality of life and prospects for Albanian citizens in their communities.


Support municipalities in implementing their strategic development objectives and strategic development plans

Strengthen and enhance EU funding absorption capacities among municipalities

The priority of the “EU for Municipalities” project is to support strategic processes, which will enable local government actors to mobilize resources to implement their plans and strategies. The EU for Municipalities will help create a better practice for local government and citizens on how to prioritize the development of local communities and the direct role that the EU can play in improving governance and the quality of life of citizens. Through the support of municipalities in Albania, the project will affect the development and increase of their contribution to the European Union integration proces.


Address the fundamental problems that affect the quality of life of local communities in Albania through investments in infrastructure and the improvement of public services;

Contribute to the creation of a favourable enabling environment for local economic development and social cohesion;

Support municipalities in fundraising capacities to finance capital investment projects (as included in their strategic development plans);

Strengthen local government human capacities to absorb and implement EU financial assistance and increase the success rate in other potential EU financial instruments;

Create a “best practice” model for local governments and citizens on how development priorities should be defined, streamlined and implemented.

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Citizens: EU4M will support investment projects for the direct benefit of local communities, that will benefit from improved infrastructure and better local public services and for increased opportunities for citizens involvement in decision-making.

Municipalities: EU4M will support municipalities via grants to improve local public infrastructure, provide a better quality of public services, and implement their strategic plans while building the EU funds managemement capacities.

National Government: EU4M will provide assistance to implement the strategic objectives of the territorial and decentralisation reforms aiming at improving service delivery at the local level, fostering local economic development and reducing territorial development disparities

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs): By encouraging community empowerment and participation, EU4M will enable CSO to engage in local development processes and raise awareness on EU standards.

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