Clean Environment and Quality Education in Kamza Public Schools

On 9 June 2023, the first inaugural ceremony of the European Union-funded “EU for Municipalities” project took place in the Municipality of Kamza.

The “Isa Boletini” High School of Paskuqan and “Dom Nikollë Kacorri” Primary School in Laknas benefitted directly from the project entitled “Clean Environment, Quality Education in Schools”.

The project has successfully disseminated information regarding waste management practices, specifically on waste separation and recycling, to approximately 20,000 students and community members.

By installing bins for differentiated waste separation in 25 schools, the project has taken tangible steps toward promoting responsible waste disposal habits.

The inclusion of green areas within the “Isa Boletini” and “Dom Nikollë Kacorri” school has contributed to the overall improvement of these educational facilities.


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