Third Steering Committee Meeting of the EU for Municipalities project

The EU4Municipalities (EU4M) project, funded by the EU, organized its 3rd Steering Committee Meeting, to present the results of the project’s implementation to date, to present the results of the evaluation of the project proposals developed by municipalities within the 1st Call for Proposals of the EU4M Grant Scheme. After a comprehensive evaluation process, six Albanian municipalities have been provisionally selected to receive grants of up to 200.000 EUR to develop local public infrastructure and services and promote sustainable and inclusive local economic development. Up to 70% of these grants will be dedicated to capital investments.

In her opening remarks, Mrs. Romina Kuko, Deputy Minister of Interior, highlighted the importance of the EU assistance for the local government level in Albania, emphasizing that the EU4M Grant Scheme is a pioneering project of the EU Delegation in Albania for the sector wide support of local governments, giving them an opportunity not only to carry out investments in infrastructure and services but also build management capacities.

Furthermore, Deputy Minister Kuko highlighted the importance of transparency towards citizens, communication of the EU values, standards and results in Albania as well as drawing up learning points to strengthen capacities and improve implementation for the future.

Mr. Orlando Fusco, Program Manager at the EU Delegation to Albania, highlighted the increased support of the EU for local governments in Albania and the fact that the EU supports all four pillars of the Decentralization Strategy. While expressing its appreciation for the progress made by EU for Municipalities in the first year of implementation, Mr Fusco, also highlighted the importance to build on the experience and lessons learned from the EU4M Grant Scheme, as well as other EU grants schemes designed to support local governance and local communities in Albania.

The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Romina Kuko and Mr. Orlando Fusco, with the participation of key partners of the EU for Municipalities project, including Mr. Enea Hoti, Director General, Agency for the Support of Local Self-Government; Mrs. Adelina Farrici, Executive Director, Association of Local Autonomy of Albania; Mr. Agron Haxhimali, Executive Director, Albanian Association of Municipalities; Mr. Fran Brahimi, Director of Local Finance Department; Ministry of Finance and Economy; as well as by Mrs. Jolanda Trebicka, Team Leader of the Municipalities for Europe 2.0 project; Mrs. Aida Gjika, Mr. Ledion Shahini and Mrs. Daniela Cekani from the Ministry of Interior, as well as by other project’s team and partners.

In the coming weeks and months, EU4M team will continue working with the finalization of contracting for the 1st call for proposals and the technical evaluation of the project proposals submitted by municipalities in the 2nd Call for Proposals.

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