Pukë Municipality

Municipality for young people

General information

Duration of the project

Total Budget

EU Contribution (90%)

National Contribution (10%)

Investment Component (60%)

Main Objective

Contribution to the improvement of the quality of services related to education and sports for young people in Pukë Municipality.

Main Activities

  1. Reconstruction of the Sports Center and rehabilitation of the surrounding green area.
  2. Renovation of the gym of the school “Migjeni” Pukë.
  3. Creation of the Innovation Center in the field of online promotion, marketing and innovation for young people and young entrepreneurs.
  4. Organization of capacity building activities for youth and target groups in the area.
  5. Study visit to local businesses.

Photos from the before-after project

Main results

Local Sports Center reconstructed and accessible by 800 young people

The gymnasium of the “Migjeni” school was renovated with 300 beneficiary students

Innovation Center created to be used by 600 young people. Training manuals on “Digital Skills and Entrepreneurship”, created (developed) for 150 young people in Puka

Capacity of 45 young people improved through 3 training sessions on digital skills and entrepreneurship.

4 visibility activities will be implemented during the project with the participation of 160 citizens of Pukë Municipality.

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