Berat Municipality

Multifunctional Services in the Education Sector.

General information

Duration of the project

Total Budget

EU Contribution (90%)

National Contribution (10%)

Investment Component (70%)

Main Objective

To support municipalities in the implementation of their objectives and strategic development plans.

Main Activities

  1. Rehabilitation works for Dyshnik school
  2. Rehabilitation works for the Morava Kindergarten
  3. Rehabilitation works at the Educational Services Center
  4. The establishment of new educational services in the Center of Educational Services
  5. Development and use of didactic tools, games, books and learning materials, focused on pre-school education.

Photos from the before-after project

Main results

Improved infrastructure of the 9-year school in the village of Dyshnik, with 200 beneficiary students.

The rehabilitated kindergarten in the village of Moravë with 22 beneficiary children.

A rehabilitated Educational Services Center with 5000 beneficiary students.

Four new services added in the field of education:

  • an office for information and registration of 1420 beneficiary parents,
  • a conference room and training room for educators and teachers, for 400 beneficiary teachers.
  • spaces for psychological counseling and meetings with parents for 1280 students,
  • 15 fun activities in closed environments for 1280 beneficiary children.

Provision of books, games and didactic tools and learning materials for 1280 children, focused on pre-school education and 45 trained municipal staff.

Four visibility activities at the Educational Services Center, with the participation of 250 children.

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